David Hochman is a writer.

He writes about extraordinary people, immersive experiences and faraway places.

David also runs a school for freelance superheroes called Upod Academy.

David lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Ruth Kennison, a chocolatier, and son, Sebastian.

Watch David’s TEDx talk, “The Road to ‘Why Not Me?‘”

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Food + Wine / A legendary cookbook editor serves me dog food in her Vermont farmhouse
Delta Sky / Driving around Jamaica looking for a dream
Delta Sky / Lin-Manuel Miranda finds life after Hamilton
Playboy / Gary Oldman lets loose (and what The Economist had to say about it).
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O: The Oprah Magazine / The science and magic of awe
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Southwest Airline Magazine / Our month of Slow living a.k.a Slowvember (pdf)
Southwest Airline Magazine / The wonders, wisdom and weirdness of TED
Salon / How I ruined the family vacation in Denmark
Virtuoso Life / How to visit Antarctica
Forbes / Meeting the “vanishing” tribes of Ethiopia’s remote Omo Valley
Virtuoso Life / Amsterdam by bike
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Reader’s Digest / The agony and the ecstasy: My week at band camp (pdf)
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The New York Times / Cake Wrecks and other frosting disasters
Forbes / Wolfgang Puck challenges me to “work the line” at Spago
Playboy/ A rollicking conversation With Cornel West (pdf)
Virtuoso Life / Meeting the chocolate masters of Paris (Paris Chocolate pdf)
Town + Country / Let’s Just Ditch It All and Go to Bora Bora
Town + Country / Searching for the Perfect Moqueca on the Coast of Brazil
The New York Times / Stuffing myself to the gills with that guy from Chowhound
Good Housekeeping / Gwyneth Paltrow lets her guard down
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GQ / Are You Raising a Little Douchebag?
Parade / Mad Man and Me
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AARP Magazine / Diane Keaton certainly doesn’t waste time on small talk
Travel + Leisure / The strange tale of Mighty Mike Austin and the 515-yard golf drive
Food + Wine / Opening a really, really expensive bottle of wine with Ann Colgin
Virtuoso Life / My son teaches me to ride an elephant in remotest Thailand
Men’s Health / Jedi Wisdom from a Man Who Knows from Jedi Wisdom
Women’s Health / Why my brain acts so differently than my wife’s brain
Playboy / I ask Deepak Chopra about the meaning of life. He gives it to me (pdf)
Playboy / Justin Timberlake shares his secrets for rocking a crowd of 50,000 (pdf)
Reader’s Digest / The Hochman family’s bold no-spending experiment
Reader’s Digest / The Reclusive Couple Behind
Reader’s Digest / My Month of Extreme Gratitude (Thanks for reading)
National Geographic Adventure / Getting Buried Alive with “Avalanche Man”
Entertainment Weekly / On the set of the original Survivor in Borneo.
Forbes /  The Planet’s Coolest Tree Houses.
Forbes / How to Make the World’s Best Cup of Coffee

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