Celebrity Petting Zoo

Parade / Why are all these waitresses paying attention to me? Or…my lunch with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm
Playboy / Justin Timberlake tells me how to rock a crowd of 50,000.
Playboy / What I learned after spending two days with Robert Redford
Playboy / I ask Deepak Chopra for the meaning of life. He gives it to me.
AARP / Clint Eastwood is older than you but still does 10x as much
Details / Magazine sets me loose on celebrity kind
Reader’s Digest / David Hochman gives Q to Malcolm Gladwell’s A
Playboy / Hugh Laurie is too cool for TV
Playboy / Dr. Drew Opens Up About Everything. Very frank, fascinating interview
Playboy / My first question for Donald Trump: What’s in your wallet?
AARP / Hanging with Clint Eastwood, 80-year-old
Men’s Health /Ewan McGregor
USA Weekend / Jack Black
Ladies Home Journal / Sally Field
Mens Journal / Lance Armstrong – Download PDF
Angeleno / Robert Downey Jr – Download PDF
Esquire / Carrie Anne Moss
Esquire / Krista Allen
Esquire / Alexander Payne
Esquire / Rachel Weisz – Download PDF
Entertainment Weekly / Fifteen Minutes on the set of Fifteen Minutes
Entertainment Weekly / A Report from the Original “Survivor”
The New York Times / A Profile of Tobey McGuire
The New York Times / A Profile of John C. Reilly
The New York Times / A Profile of Adrien Brody
The New York Times / A Profile of Josh Hartnett
Every story I’ve written for TV Guide
Every story I’ve written for Entertainment Weekly

Many of my Modern Luxury cover stories.

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